Corrosion  CAUSE  elimination

 No thru hull penetration. No additional plating or coatings. 8 year guarantee and verifiable testimonials.



 Corrosion CAUSE elimination, permanently and forever. No thru hull / enclosure / body penetrations.
 8 year money back guarantee. 20 year design life. Free diagnostic support with Master System.
 USD396 or AUD499. Shipping free this week. Training Course and 8 years support supplied with SeaBis Master.

 Believe in your self – your wisdom, read these pages. Consider why we provide a 8 year money back guarantee and verifiable testimonials. We must be correct. Corrosion CAUSE elimination, permanently. Forever. No compromise. Eliminate the cause. We are licensed in Australia so abide by the Company Law of Australia. So must be prove we are truthful.

 The reason why we provide a 8 year money back guaranty is the SeaBis Master System eliminates the cause of corrosion. We are 100% successful. Design life is 20 years. How To Stop Corrosion must be complied with.

 Corrosion is not a normal part of life. 25+ years ago it barely existed. Equipment was manufactured correctly insulated. Now, it is caused to occur to sell replacement parts. Often at extreme cost to you.
 We will eliminate the cause. At little cost and permanently. Forever. We offer a 8 year money back guarantee because we are 100% absolutely correct.
More information: We have solid proof of all we state. Please contact me for an index / direct supply: Glen Bishop

 Corrosion eliminated in 3 steps:

 1: Next step: Identify the CAUSE

 2: Understand the cause

 3: Eliminate the cause.

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